Trying to lose weight is like a hobby these days, everyone wants to take part and some people find themselves spinning their wheels for too long but they keep at it for a while, ‘dieting’ and doing lots of exercise will surely help them.

Cue the frustration, the inevitable act of throwing in the towel (for now) and begin looking again for that one magic solution once again. This week it might be a tea-tox and the week after that it may be a week in the Sahara desert with no food or water.

You guys are desperate. The problem is you are chasing methods, magical solutions that don’t exist. Instead you should be looking for principles that make diets work. Yes, there are principles that dictate the success of the diet.

If you can use the principles in a way that you enjoy then you would have a pretty successful method for life to lose weight and maintain it. Detoxs and cleanses are short cuts that lead you on to the proverbial yo-yoing effect.

^^this above is technically the most important principle, can you consistently adhere to the approach you choose and I mean for at least 3-6+ months.

I know you are desperate to lose that 7-14lbs but I’m sure you also want to keep it too.

This leads us onto the nuts and bolts of the article.


Basically do your utmost to ‘Keep It Sane and Simple’. Don’t be stressing about what times you are eating or what you are eating at certain times. This is nonsensical and will lead to more stress or anxiety with food than necessary. Focus instead the total quantity of food for the full day, the full week, the full month.

A chocolate bar at 6pm does not mean you have failed, get back on track. Don’t eat the chocolate bar then demolish 5 more because you have ‘failed’. That is just absurd.

Einstein gets it….

#2 Structure Your Plate

So this keeps it super simple and relatively sane. Fill your plate up with protein sources and vegetables.

Proteins like; chicken, beef, turkey, lamb, pork, tuna, salmon, mackerel, eggs, greek yogurt and whey protein. This will help keep you full, boost your metabolism.

And you guys will know what vegetables look like, they are typically low in calories and are quite voluminous, so get them on your plate.

Reserve a quarter of the plate for some pasta, rice and potatoes or swap in a portion of fruit instead.

This works because we are controlling portion sizes, which means we are controlling our calories.

Great picture demonstrating portion sizes….could double the veg and either the protein or carbohydrate though 🙂

#3 Drink More Water

Before a meal or snack, drink a 500ml glass of water. If you already drink a sufficient amount of water then I suppose you could opt out of this but from my experience with coaching people, most people are dehydrated and don’t drink enough water.

An easy way to test is to check the colour of your pee, if you don’t have 5 clear urinations a day then perhaps you need to drink more water.

#4 Exercise 3-5 Hours a Week

Activity helps. It also helps if you actually enjoy it, simply because you are more likely to be consistent with it. Plus doing things you enjoy is a win-win.

My preference is to perform at least 2-4 hours of resistance training a week, preferably strength training. Focusing on good technique, adequate rest periods and the focus of getting better.

Sprinkle in some extra activity like rowing, cycling, running or circuit based training if you want or need to.

#5 Use a Food Diary

I can’t tell you the amount of times people come to me and say they are struggling to lose weight despite everything they are doing. I usually make one change and that is the use of a food diary like MyFitnessPal, guess what happens? They end up losing weight and measurements come down.

If you track your food, you are more likely to realise how much and what you are consuming causing you to eat less as there is more accountability and self-monitoring.

If you want to find out how to set up a diet using an App like MyFitnessPal and want to see how much you should be consuming, then click here.


It really can be this simple, it might be hard at times to follow it through but the process is ‘simple’.

Unfortunately simple doesn’t sell, it isn’t sexy enough and there is no skin in the game.

But this how I and my guys get results and can see positive changes in our body.

And that is without any green sludge smoothie or natural laxatives.

This stuff works.

Try it.




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