This is a follow up from last week’s article, which can be found by clicking here.

These articles have been inspired by a new change in my life, seeing someone new. But this does not mean these solutions can’t be used for various reasons or unsatisfactory environment conditions.

Being in a relationship will no doubt have an impact on the way you eat and exercise as I doubt one person in the relationship isn’t as health conscious as you and that is completely fine.

How do I know this? Well, I have been in a few relationships and it’s safe to say that you eat out more, you snack more and you may only have access to what they have at theirs.

And unfortunately those that are nearest and dearest to us and where we are the most don’t have the amount of meat, eggs and fish in their fridges as we are used to.

For me this has led to more dietary mishaps than I count. I believed that it wasn’t in my control so I would typically go completely off plan.

Whereas I would tell my clients that they are always in control, no matter what. Bit hypocritical of me I’d say or maybe the coaching I receive isn’t as great as the coaching they receive from me as help and support as much as I can!

Anyways this ‘out of my control’ though pattern would lead to sub-par protein intakes and astronomical fat and caloric intakes, hardly the recipe for success in regards to losing weight and fat to ‘tone up’.

Recently, I have shifted my mindset and take some of my own medicine. I am in control. Yes whilst the environment may not be ideal as it could, I am still in control of my choices and I am still able to do the best that I can do.

So what have I done?

Well I do my best to hit my calorie and protein targets. These are my priorities (always) but hitting my carbohydrate and fat targets is less important in these situations.

I prepare and by prepare, I mean go to the local supermarket (Asda, Tesco & Morrison’s).

And I get ready to purchase some delightful and filling high protein snacks….


Skyr is an Icelandic dairy product and is very similar to strained yogurt. According to Wikipedia ‘It has been a part of Icelandic cuisine for over a thousand years’.

This is a fairly delightful snack or as a dessert following a normal feed to boost that protein intake. Now I understand that someone somewhere will be wondering why this is important and this is covered in basic detail HERE.

And for a 200g serving you can’t go wrong with 130kcal and 22g of protein. Considering most people would have a suggested protein intake of around 120-220g of protein per day 10-18% of your daily protein requirements, this is a great shout to have available.

Best part of it all is it’s thick, creamy and pretty darn satiating (manages appetite). It would also go great with adding some fruit like berries and/or banana’s depending on your dietary requirements. This would further enhance the volume of food and the fullness you could get from it.

Arla Protein

In all fairness this one is pretty damn similar to the Skyr and is made by the exact same brand. These come in a more portable serving sized pot than the Skyr.

It does have similar nutrition as the Skyr providing 140kcal and 20g of protein. Whilst calories are slightly higher and protein is slightly lower, it is hardly anything to be concerned about. The reason for this is simple, these yogurt pots are flavoured, which would decrease the protein content and increase the calorie content ever so slightly (you can get flavoured Skyr too).

For Goodness Shakes

Rather than picking up a Coke, Fanta or Dr.Pepper go for something like this. They taste a bit like milkshakes and nutritional are going to do a better job to ensure that you hit those protein goals and with Chocolate, Strawberry and Toffee fudge flavours you can’t go wrong.

One of these provides up to 246kcal (depending on flavour) and 25g of protein. Useful for those desperate situations when you haven’t got protein powder available.

To Sum It Up

You always have the ability to make good or bad or rather better or worse decisions, no matter what and yes sometimes it is hard to make good decisions based on current circumstances but hopefully the last two articles have gave you enough food for thought on how to make the most of these more testing times.

And yes, there are many more options you could use to try out; protein cookies, protein flapjacks, protein ice cream and probably a few others that have slipped my mind.

Go out, explore and try to find options that you can enjoy that helps you stick with your nutrition plan. Use the nutritional information on packaging to provide guidance.

P.S If You Want To Figure Out How Much You Should Be Eating Based On Your Goals Then – Click Here.




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