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A Brand New Me

In June 2018, I relocated to Newcastle to be with my partner after we had met in Australia and spent the best part of two years travelling. It was undoubtedly the best experience of my life, constant sunshine, drinks every day, beaches and not a care in the world.

Upon arriving back home to Ireland and then relocating to Newcastle, I felt lost! I had moved to a new city away from family and friends for the third year in a row, and I began to struggle. I struggled socially, as I felt embarrassed at 26 about having to make new friends again. I was constantly comparing my life to my friends back home “they are getting married and buying houses, and what am I doing with my life?”.

I also struggled emotionally about my travelling weight and how I looked and felt. It was probably the unhappiest I had felt in a long time and did nothing about it for almost a year.

In June 2019, I joined Sean Armstrong Fitness, and I can honestly say this gym changed my life.

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I remember the day of my first session, it was a Wednesday evening, and I sat in work all day with butterflies in my stomach, thinking of every excuse not to go. But I did, and from the minute I walked through the door I felt so welcome and knew I had made the right decision.

The weeks rolled by, and I just loved it more and more every session. I particularly love the small group element, you get to train with other people, so you get to know them on a real personal level and the encouragement everyone provides while training is so beneficial. When you are doing five-minute Air Dyne challenges, you need the motivation!

The coaches are the best; they are so knowledgeable and cater to your goals, no matter what they are. They also know how to have a laugh, and it just makes each session that little bit better when you can work hard and still have fun.

But what I love most about Sean Armstrong Fitness are the people and our little gym family. I know this phrase is thrown around a lot, but they are my second family. You see some of these people 4-5 times a week, so they slowly become a part of your life. I think within two weeks, I was invited out for drinks with some members, and at the stage of my life I was at, and how I was feeling then, it meant so much to me. There are social activities monthly, inside and outside the gym, so you get to meet and spend time with other members you might not train with or see. I now consider some of these people my closest friends.

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I have been here for almost five months, and I can honestly say I am a completely different person. On a physical aspect, I have lost weight, got stronger and lifted weights I didn’t think were imaginable. But what is most important for me is how I have changed from an everyday negative thinker to absolutely beaming with confidence and positivity. I now love my life, this city and my body, all thanks to this amazing gym.

I am part of the Sean Armstrong Fitness family!