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At 54 Years Old, Life Could Not Be Better!

At 54 years old, life could not be better!

In my twenties and thirties, I enjoyed my fitness training; running, cycling and gym.

In my forties, I seemed to pick up lots of injuries. As a result, my training inevitably suffered, falling into a pattern of fits and starts. I became disillusioned with exercise and my fitness. I found it difficult to motivate myself, through a lack of energy and the disappointment of picking up yet another injury.

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Turning fifty, I thought the best of my fitness and my health was behind me. I was resigning myself to slowly slipping into middle age. My weight inevitably increased, as did my waistline. Lethargy and general unhappiness with myself were taking over my whole sense of wellbeing. I realised how big a part of my life my fitness was, how my fitness training had helped me to feel good about life and myself.

In November last year, I saw an online advert, which caught my eye, for Sean Armstrong Fitness, a 30-day trial. The Sean Armstrong Fitness approach seemed different from other Gyms that I had known or seen advertised. With some encouragement from my wife, I would give it one last attempt at trying to get some level of my fitness back and made the call to try the gym.

Driving to Sean Armstrong Fitness for my first session, I was feeling nervous about entering into a Gym again, I was out of shape and very self-conscious. I had my doubts, would I be out of place in a Gym at fifty-something? Would I look foolish? Was I just too old to think I could get my fitness back? Should I just turnaround, go home and watch TV.

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WOW! How my life has changed since joining Sean Armstrong Fitness.

From my first session, the Sean Armstrong Fitness coaches and members put me at ease. They understood where I was in my life and expertly tailored a programme of exercises and nutritional advice for me. Over the sessions that followed, the encouragement and close attention of the Sean Armstrong Fitness Coaches, I started to see changes in myself. I could do the exercises, and I was feeling stronger, my weight was dropping, my energy, confidence and motivation for fitness were returning. The use of Social Media was a real added value to provide day to day mentoring, and guidance kept me motivated between sessions.

Thirty days was not enough! I became a full member, looking forward to each session, and the changes I saw in myself.

Speak to us about our 30 Day Trial.

The exercises are important, but for my wellbeing, feeling part of something is a big deal for me. With the Small Group sessions, I got to know people at the gym. With the Team sessions, I started to work out with people to complete challenges. I was being encouraged, and I was encouraging back. I was feeling a bond with my fellow members, developing friendships with like-minded people. I’m now a part of something, and this is now my second family, my gym family.

Nine months later. I have a completely different outlook on my life. Age does not define my fitness, health or wellbeing. I am close to losing two stone in weight, and I am strong, no exercise form is out of bounds, my limits are set only by what I want to achieve. I am a part of the Sean Armstrong fitness family.

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I look forward to every session, encouraged by the Sean Armstrong Fitness coaches and members to achieve more!

I am so pleased that I took that first step.