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Christine lost over 4 stone & now loves exercise

What made you start training at SAF?

I’d been attending a well-known diet group for 5 months and had lost a little over a stone. I was proud of myself for losing the weight but didn’t really feel like it was obvious in my appearance and my progress was definitely slowing down. My husband knew that I was getting frustrated and he believed that I couldn’t rely on diet alone to get to where I wanted and so suggested that I sign up with Sean.

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Can you describe how you were feeling physically and mentally before coming to SAF?

I felt overweight and unfit. For as long as I can remember I avoided exercise like the plague – I never played a team sport and would look for any opportunity to get out of PE class at school. The idea of joining a gym felt utterly alien to me – I’d tried it before and would sit on a bike for 30 minutes gently peddling while watching TV which, rather unsurprisingly, didn’t result in any weight loss. After a few weeks, I’d lose interest and never go back. The fact that Sean was based in one of those gyms where there were huge, heavy-weights and burly, grunting men made the whole process even more terrifying but I knew I had to try something new, so I signed up.

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What did you want to achieve with SAF?

I wanted to be thinner. I’d watched my weight gradually creep up and up for years and was by far the heaviest I’d ever been. I’d had some success with just dieting but I wasn’t getting the results I wanted and Sean was sure that he could be the difference I needed. I had no real interest in getting strong and saw the gym as a necessary evil; it never crossed my mind that I’d actually enjoy it, I just saw it as an unavoidable chore; a means to an end.

Speak to us about our 30 Day Trial.

What results have you seen whilst training with SAF?

It would be easier to ask what results have I not seen! I’ve lost more weight than I ever thought would be possible, and I now wear smaller clothes that I’ve ever worn in my adult life., I can lift things which are significantly heavier than I am and most importantly, I LOVE training – it’s something I now look forward to rather than something I endure; I love the challenge of going heavier or going for more reps, I love the variety of lifts and squats and all the other things that are thrown into the mix. I’ve also had a massive lifestyle change – when I first met my husband he used to laugh at me because my fridge was stacked with ready meals but now I love cooking and trying out new recipes. I try to make good choices when we go out but don’t deprive myself of what I want – it’s about finding the balance and making adjustments through the week to make sure that weekend “treat” doesn’t ruin a week of hard work.

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Would you recommend SAF & why?

There aren’t enough words for me to express how much I would recommend SAF. The fact I’ve been training with Sean for over 3 years says it all really. I’ve watched SAF grow from a small start-up business to now having our own gym and in that time, the one thing that has remained consistent is Sean’s commitment to his clients – he cares about your results as much (or sometimes even more) than you do. He celebrates your successes and helps find solutions when things aren’t working. If you’re unsure, just give it a shot – you’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain.